The New 12-Step Program for Living Life

by Hank Innerfeld (Published in the Healing Path Magazine - March/April 2004)

We’re living through times of incredible change. Change that is affecting each of us individually and all of us collectively. Change that is affecting our family units, our organizations, our institutions, our religions, our governments, our nations, our economies. This change permeates into the core of who we are and significantly affects the dynamics of our every day life-experiences.

This change is really the reflection of the evolution of new life-paradigms here on our planet. The old paradigm was governed by fear, doubt, despair, grief, anger, judgment, intolerance, unworthiness, unforgiveness. We need just look back over mankind’s history to see how these have been a dominant factor in governing our life-experiences. The new paradigm is governed by unconditional love, total acceptance, total allowance, inner-peace, happiness, joy, abundance. We are living through the transition-time between these two paradigms. It is a birthing process for each of us individually and all of mankind collectively.

The New 12 Step Program allows us to evolve into the new paradigm most easily and, if actively embraced in our lives, will minimize the overall stress on our bodies through this transition period. It is a template for life. Each of these items individually allows for more positive experiences as we move forward in our lives. All of them collectively, create a personal ethic which will allow us to embrace our spiritual power and move forward in life with minimal wear-and-tear in our bodies and in our life-experiences. While each of the 12 items will be discussed below, I recommend that to most effectively utilize this program, you use the template at the bottom of this article, go within your own inner-knowing to determine the specifics of what each item means to you and how to most effectively integrate each item into your life.

1) BE… Be fully present in each moment. Be aware in each moment to allow yourself to embrace the fullest potential in each experience. Be whole and complete in all of your interactions. Embrace your beingness consciously and pro-actively.

2) FLOW… Flow in the energies of your heart in each moment. This will ultimately result in far less effort, far less wear-and-tear on your body and less stress in your life. Flow in the creative dynamics of each interaction and thereby most easily flow through each situation you encounter in life.

3) LISTEN… Listen to your inner guidance. Each of us has the inner-knowing within, which will always serve us... but we need to listen to it carefully. Create time in your life to listen to that guidance, for it will always provide you with the smoothest and most gentle pathway in life.

4) LOVE… Love yourself and all others unconditionally. Love yourself... first and foremost... for if you are filled with love, there is so much more love to give to others. Our society and our culture teaches to love others first, which is like pouring water out of an empty pitcher. If you love yourself unconditionally, that pitcher is always full and will allow you the potential to serve the highest good.

5) ACCEPT… Accept yourself and all others unconditionally as you move forward in life. When you totally accept each experience for its perfection, without judgment, suddenly life takes on a whole new perspective. It is the judgment that creates the non-acceptance. When we release the judgment, we can now flow into a whole new peaceful-dynamic in life.

6) ALLOW… Allow yourself and all others their choices. Allow each their life-experience, recognizing the perfection of each situation, and facilitating the overall growth for all involved. In this way we can look at life through a perspective that exclusively reflects the positive attributes and allows gratitude for everyone and everything in our lives.

7) RESPECT/HONOR… Respect and honor all for their choices; for the perfection of their experiences that have allowed them to grow to this point. Honor yourself and all others in every moment. Honor your body with the proper water intake, healthy foods/nutrition, adequate sleep, etc. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize if you provide your body with the proper building blocks it will repair itself and maintain its health.

8) EMBRACE ONENESS… We are all ONE in consciousness at a higher vibratory level than our physical vibration. We are each reflections of each other. Every religion tells us that we are all made in God’s image and that we have the God-spark within… Through that God-spark, every man, woman, and child is connected to the essence, the consciousness, the Oneness that we call God... and at that level we are all ONE. As we embrace our Oneness, there is truly no separation. As we embrace our Oneness, there can be no more wars, no more murders, no more killing... for in truth we are annihilating an aspect of ourselves.

9) EMBRACE TRUTH… This means live in your integrity. It means no more lying; even little white lies don’t honor you. This is the one that has been the most difficult for me personally, as I never realized how pervasive little white lies have been, based on my own family/cultural upbringing. Rather than lie, don’t say anything; this will allow you to stay in your integrity as you move forward in your life.

10) LIVE FULLY… It doesn’t pay to only half-do something... throw yourself into the experience of life with gusto. Embrace each moment. Be all you can be. Embrace the fullness of life’s experience within every moment, within each interaction, using the totality of your beingness.

11) LAUGH… Laughter is the greatest healer. It releases endorphins; it raises your body’s energetic frequencies, and shifts you from the fear vibration into the love vibration. It moves the body into a healing mode. Laugh liberally at and with life... for in looking at life from that perspective, it will truly provide you with wondrous entertainment in each moment.

12) BE ALL… Be all you can be each moment. Be one with all of creation. Choose to be fully in each moment,...and watch your life evolve into a joyous, vibrant, nurturing, and satisfying life-experience now and forevermore.

I’d suggest that you joyfully and wholeheartedly embrace this new 12-Step Program into your life and observe your life and yourself evolve into embracing the magnificence and the truth of who you are.







BIO: Hank Innerfeld is a gifted alternative-heath practitioner living in Lakewood, CO and a nationally renowned practitioner and certified teacher of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring. He is a dynamic motivational speaker, providing empowerment tools to enable people to more pro-actively embrace their lives. Hank is also the published author of two books. He has successfully facilitated thousands of SRT clearings worldwide and teaches SRT classes, Spiritual Restructuring classes and empowerment workshops throughout the United States. For private consultations, he can be reached at 303/679-6200 or

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