“Thank you so much for the SRT clearings... I can’t express to you both my deepest love and appreciation for all you’ve done for myself and my family... You’re always in my thoughts and my prayers...” TB from PA

“My deepest appreciation for your work in my life. My daughter and her new husband have truly had a change of heart and I am certain this is due to your intercession on my behalf... the months of negativity between us seem to have melted away. I have my family restored and I can’t thank you enough for this blessing.” HD from SC

“Thank you so very much for the SRT clearing... I started feeling different, more alive and less like getting mad with the world.” LQ from NY

“I had immediate improvement in my air-swallowing the night you did SRT. I realized as I drifted off to sleep that I did not feel panic. I did not even realize that I had felt panic until it ceased... I also had dramatic improvements in my shoulders. I have had pain in the shoulder sockets when I lay on my side. They went away immediately... Thanks so much for this wonderful experience!” KS from NJ

“Just wanted to stop for a minute and thank each of you for all the help you have given me with my life and the lives of those with whom I interact. Things seem to be running so much smoother for me these days. So THANK YOU!!!” AH from SC

“Thanks for the MIRACLE! About a year ago you did a SRT clearing for my daughter who was living a life of chaos - drugs, poor health, broken family, suicidal!... She got off drugs, family reunited, health returned and she is pregnant! Her apartment is sparkling clean and is a real home. She is the fun-loving and loving daughter, mother and wife that we thought we had lost forever... Just saying “thanks” doesn’t really express my gratitude, but these thanks are heartfelt.” PA from CA

“Boy, I’m still reeling from our session on Tuesday. I have never experienced such a dramatic release. Wow!” CB from CA

“I called to order a clearing for -------, age 14, because I was worried that she might attempt suicide. The SRT clearing was done the next day. She had been in counseling and was taking anti-depressants medication. All of a sudden the change in her attitude and behavior was apparent to everyone around her. They all attributed it to the medication taking hold. I am sure it was the SRT clearing. Two months later, I took her to lunch to explain about the clearing. She told me that she had been thinking about suicide, but she no longer thinks about it... she said that as a kid she could not remember having a happy day, now almost all of her days are happy. ...My own experience is somewhat less dramatic. I have experienced great calm and more specific focus in my life. I did notice that the lower back pain that I had for years had disappeared... I feel much more attuned to my inner spirit. I seem more willing to observe events rather than try to get out there and fix them... Thank you again for changing my life and the life of those around me.” PF from CA

“It was a joy working with you. I am fascinated by your work. Can’t wait to read over the transcript... I feel GREAT!” JM from CA

“... Since I was extremely upset emotionally, I was hoping to receive a quick response... He called me back immediately and proceeded to give me a SRT healing over phone. I can tell you in about three minutes I went from emotional hysteria to utter calmness and serenity. It was amazing! I still talk about how powerful it was for me to this very day.” CF from CA

“Thank you for your help. I feel great. My son is much easier to get along with and is starting to show his sense of humor and is happy. Thank you.” CD from CA

“ I feel very blessed to have the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) available to me and the wonderful results I have seen by it.  Most of my husband’s life he has experienced severe back pain.  He has tried through the years multiple and different types of treatments, none of which brought any relief.  I had Hank do a SRT clearing on his back and he immediately felt relief.  I have to report that almost three months later, he is virtually pain-free.” HC from NJ 

“...Most of our family had been experiencing depression, some more than others.  As the SRT clearings were done, we knew the day it happened... I can’t begin to say how wonderful I feel.  My son was experiencing severe depression and told me he was afraid to talk to people.  After the clearing, he told me that is not afraid to talk to people anymore and was negotiating a business deal for his boss.  UNBELIEVABLE!!  My mother was in such a deep depression, she was going to start taking anti-depressants.  After the clearing, she is out of her depression and able to live a happy, peaceful life once again.” SM from CA

“Hank did my clearing a little more than two weeks ago.  I am still adjusting to life without the constraints I have been accustomed to and probably will be for some time.  Every day seems to be different and easier.” MM from OR

“I wanted to let you know about a quasi-scientific test of the SRT clearing you did on my allergies.  I have had accelerating allergies for 12 years.  I did improve them through yoga, meditation, food selection, and by wrapping my mattress and pillow in plastic.  But I was so sick this January, I pursued them three ways: through prayer, western medicine and the SRT clearing you did for me.  You did the SRT clearing the day before I had my first allergist appointment.  Of the first 24 allergens tested that day, I came up slightly allergic to dust and dust mites.  I had no sensitivity to kitties, mold or ragweed.  The next Tuesday, she injected me with the allergen poisons, (I was allergic to) dust again, barely, and just barely for a mold.  Next Tuesday, we do the super-duper strength for molds and ragweed.  I consider the SRT to be a miracle cure.  I have also had an almost total abatement of my continuous post-nasal drip....  blessings and peace to you and yours.” KS from NJ

“Thanks so much for your help and support.  It has made a wonderful difference in my life and my family’s.” SM from CA

“I just wanted to thank you for all the contributions you have made to benefit people I know.  My family and I get along better with each other than we have for years.  My sister who had so many things going wrong is now doing much better. ...she is coming out of the depths in good ways.  My other sister and mother both have been able to be together and communicate with each other without underlying hostility. ...Others that I know that gotten SRT clearings from you during the past year are all moving ahead... Thanks.” PF from CA

“Thanks for the insights... The SRT was incredible... God bless.” SB from CA

“Thank you for all your divine help and the love I feel from you every time we talk” KP from CA

 “... I received a clearing from you on 1/7.  Since then I can definitely feel more inner-peace, and have reacted to certain situations much more appropriately than I did before. I also have a feeling of confidence. I have this feeling that everything is going to be OK, no matter what may happen to me day-to-day. What a gift Hank!...” CV from OR

“I felt so much better after our discussion yesterday. I could feel my breathing change. Now I'm starting to relax more and enjoy whatever's going on instead of making value judgments. I'm starting to see that everything that's happening is the way it's supposed to be. No good or bad. ...thank you so much and thank you God for this blessing that's opening me up who I really am (finally).” RS from CA

“Thank you so very much for the session yesterday.  It literally helped to save my life.  Blessings.” SS from CO

“Thank you Hank!  I am so grateful for you and your heart.  You are a tremendous help in my growth!  Lovingly from the heart...” DL from CA

“You are a miracle worker!  Things (have been) are wonderful since we spoke.  Thanks a million!” AF from PA

'That was a super-duper session.  I feel great... like I am still cooking! Love and Light...”  RW from NC

“Thank you very much for your love, support, and guidance.  It is this that is the most essential... May God’s Light shine upon you and your family Forever!... JS from CA

“Thank you, I’m feeling so much better right now.  It was all perfect.  Now I know that I’ll have greater peace in my life...”   TB from PA

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the energy work you did on my neck. The next day the discomfort was completely gone and has not returned. I, also, have not experienced the depression again that I told you about... Thanks”    PA from NY

“Thank you so much for the all the help last week.  I feel like myself this week... even, positive and filled with joy.  Just the way I am supposed to be!... Love to all” TP from NJ

“I wanted to thank you again - SRT was an absolute wonderful experience!  I feel very peaceful inside - I’ve been striving for that for an eternity!  I am very blessed that you... have come into my life.  Take care and thank you!”  HS from CA


"Thank you for the most incredible experience of my life!  You are so great to share your tremendous knowledge so generously.  Also, your compassion and non-judgmental attitudes are an inspiration.” MC from NJ 

“What can I say?  How can one share through words sufficient thanks for all the love and eye opening, heart opening, soul opening, spirit opening, life changing magic you have shared with me over the past few days... As the old Zen adage goes about the magic and goodness of the open cycle of teaching a man to fish as opposed to the closed cycle of just giving him a fish... I find myself with a heart full of thanks for some of the many tools, both in techniques and in sharing love, you have blessed me with, enabling me to be.. do.. share.. the magic of fishing for myself and others...  Thank you.” RI from CA 

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of SRT.  Thank you for your shared energies with our group.  Reike has changed my life dramatically, but I feel that SRT is creating much more on a grander, larger scale already.  Not only has my awareness been heightened, but my psychic abilities have also been strengthened... God bless.” GR from SC

“...I have just had the privilege of completing the Basic SRT course with Hank; and the experience has been uplifting, revitalizing and restoring.  It is no hyperbole to say that the workshop, in which we not only learned principles but also practiced applying these principles to self clearing, made a huge difference in my dealing with 6 weeks of illness, both physical and emotional...  thanks both for the theory and the practical tools... and thanks for teaching teachers that - like Hank - can make the tool available and accessible to us...  God bless you, and everyone who participates in this work.” DP from NY 

“... I am continuing to feel stronger and healthier and happier and at peace as the days pass. My heart continues to grow w/ love and abundance and joy for myself, life, God, and others. Thank you for all your love and support you gave me during the week-end seminar. I am truly grateful and touched. I am seeing me change right before my very eyes. My freedom is returning and this brings tears of joy to my eyes and fills my  heart w/ love and hope and gratitude!!  Thank you Hank from a very beloved place in my heart!!!” DL from CA

"This past weekend was truly a life-changing event... already my skills and awareness have accelerated... this is more than I would have believed possible... Gugols of thanks!”  ES from NC

"Since your class, I have been doing more expression of myself... As you know, it has been uncomfortable for me at times because I was taught to be polite and be quiet and wait. Well, I am ending that. It is no longer comfortable and does not serve me. “... Thank you very much for all your assistance in my learning process... Thank you Hank for all that you have shared and will share with me. Thank you for being a teacher and mentor for me. Bless you! “  VR from CA

“...I have used the SRT in combination with my other energy healing techniques and have had tremendous results. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given. This seems to be a time of really 'cleaning closets' for many who are working on themselves and healers seem to experience things very intensely and consciously...  I am so glad I have all of these "tools" and feel so much more at peace with using them since you cleared me and I cleared me after the class. I have been using SRT a lot with all sorts of things, and my intuition has become more clear and more rapid, and spiritual opportunities have been presenting all over and manifestation has been happening much faster.”  SP from FL

“ How do I begin this thank you letter? ... I guess I should begin by saying thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  Last weekend was incredible.  I’ve been high ever since... Thank you for sharing your love, your knowledge, your wisdom and especially your heart with all of us.  You are truly gifted and we were truly blessed.  I’m so happy to have been part of it all... The clearing you did for me a few months ago helped me a lot, but understanding it and doing it this past weekend made even more difference.  It really cleared my head and lifted my spirit.  I’m much more focused...  A few other things happened to me over the weekend.  It seems as though my psychic abilities got a jump-start.  ...the fear... seems to be gone and I am left with a feeling of euphoria that I can’t begin to describe...   When I left on Monday as I was driving home my eyes filled with tears of joy.  I can’t ever remember feeling such pure joy.  I’ve had tears of pride and joy before but this was different and I just had to say thank you for the beautiful gift... God bless you and yours.”  LH from PA

 “I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to attend your SRT class in Pittsburgh! I found the tools learned in your class to be a great gateway to freedom in daily life! ...Thank you for your amazing insight!    DL from PA

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