December Special Offering 2022

Are you challenged by life? Are you dealing with issues of anxiety, health, money, relationships, careers, depression, addictions, sexuality, phobias? Are you attempting to move forward but feeling anchored or stuck in old patterns?

This website provides insight into a number of alternative and innovative healing modalities which can assist you in moving past your blockages and truly move forward into embracing your power, your health and your freedom. Most of these healing modalities can be effectively performed remotely by Hank Innerfeld without the client's physical presence or in many cases without direct telephone participation.

Hank Innerfeld is a gifted alternative healing practitioner, dynamic motivational speaker, author of two books on awakening consciousness, and spiritual teacher schooled in a number of unique modalities of healing.  He currently lives in Colorado, works with clients globally, and provides workshops, presentations and teaches classes throughout the United States. Hank is an ordained minister who has been a spiritual seeker for over 35 years... he is passionate about sharing insights and understandings, and a myriad of tools and techniques, which allow us to embrace our power, and our choices, far more decisively in our lives.

Hank has expertise in a variety of healing modalities which he has practiced over the past 18 years. He has been formally trained in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), and has been previously certified by the Spiritual Response Association in Washington to teach these forms of spiritual healing.  He has successfully worked with thousands of clients using SRT and through creative application of multiple healing modalities. 

Healing Services/Modalities include:

All who enter this website automatically have an SRT General Clearing performed for them which energetically releases much of the day-to-day emotional discord which was picked up throughout your interactions with others this day. Many may also feel a release of tension in their backs as a result of this General Clearing, as well as additional inner-peacefulness or calmness within approximately 20 minutes of entering this site.

For private consultations call 303 - 679-6200 or email Hank at Hank@HankInnerfeld.com.









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