Special Offering for December, 2022

Sign-Up and Payment Prior to December 31, 2022. This offering can be purchased as a gift for a friend or a relative.

SRT Clearings - $600 For Self… Loved Ones… Family Members… Friends

Includes complete past-life clearing with additional work on addictions/ depression/ some health challenges, as applicable [normally $625 to $750]

Bonus: Monthly check-ups for 3 additional months included at no extra cost. For other health consultations/alternative healing work a 33% discounted rate [$240/hr instead of $360/hr]

Balancing relationships: in families; with friends, lovers, business partnerships; with co- workers

Releasing inner-child emotional discord [including discord embraced in the womb]

Opening your heart to self-love; success; releasing reactivity, anxiety

Determining root-cause of health issues, life challenges and their resolution

Distance Energetic Chiropractic Treatments

For private consultations call 303-679-6200 or email Hank at 









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